What About Kitchen Chimney Pipe?


So you’re planning to install a kitchen chimney pipe – that’s a great home improvement move! If you’re looking for more information about this structure before making the big project, then you came to the right place. We will help you to get all the information about the kitchen chimney and take steps to improve … Read more

Easy Tips on How to Clean a Kitchen Chimney at Home?


Cleaning is a necessary part of every kitchen. Chimney cleaning is not outer! So, you want to know- How to clean kitchen chimney? Every Indian modern kitchen needs to have a kitchen chimney. It effectively serves as an exhaust to keep the smoke and heat out of the kitchen. This helps maintain a comfortable temperature … Read more

What Is Charcoal Filter Chimney?


There are a few different ways in how a kitchen chimney filters the varying particles coming from the food that we cook. And the particular type of kitchen chimney filter that you choose determines the freshness of your kitchen throughout the day. Charcoal filter chimney is one common type of kitchen chimney filter utilized in … Read more

About Baffle Filter Chimney


The kitchen chimney filter is the inner mechanism of your kitchen chimney that does the heavy lifting. This filter system makes sure to capture all the particles that it should like grease and oil while effectively exhausting the rest like smoke or steam. Having said that, these filters are super important components of your whole … Read more

5 Types of Kitchen Chimney in India


Why do you need to know the type of kitchen chimney? Because- Not all Indian kitchens are built and utilized alike. Depending on the foods that are normally prepared on it as well as the frequency of food preparations done, you’d need the right type of kitchen chimney to efficiently serve your needs. We’ve listed … Read more

Kitchen Chimney Installation Guide With Tools


There are a few considerations necessary before executing a kitchen chimney installation. There’s the kitchen chimney installation cost, size, electricity consumption, and measurements within the area of the house that you’re going to install it on. Nonetheless, armed with the proper knowledge and preparation it won’t be that hard a task. At the very least, … Read more