Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen

keep your kitchen clean by using Auto Clean chimneys. They are very worthwhile tools that can keep our kitchens fresh and free from Germs that might damage your health. Smoke, steam, odor, grease, and oil, are the stuff that we want to be filtered and exhausted out of our kitchen so we may have a safe space to prepare our food.

Technology has had a huge role in improving and making things easier for us in the kitchen. Nowadays, we have an auto-clean chimney for the kitchen to give us more convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness as we work. Let’s get to know more about it.

What is Auto Clean Chimney?

Basically, Auto Clean Chimney is a technology that separates oil from cooking steam and absorbs smoke. The oil particles present in the cooking smoke are separated into this chimney dust collection and the remaining smoke is removed from the kitchen.

Smoke breeds once a month depending on the use of these separable oil collecting intestines. This is no extra effort to clean up oil collectors. Just press your “Auto Clean” control button while cooking. It will start cleaning itself.

Auto Clean Chimney is easy to use and it is beneficial for your health. It has a superior suction capacity which helps in sucking oil, grease and harmful substances. Did you know Auto Clean solves your chimney cleaning problem?

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Here are some of the Top Rated Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney Models :

Auto clean chimney price

There are many types of auto clean chimneys in the market. Auto clean chimneys are a bit more expensive than ordinary chimneys. Because the production cost of the auto-clean feature chimney is somewhat higher. Although the price is a bit high, the auto-clean feature saves a lot of work and time.
So before buying a chimney, think about the Auto Clean feature.

auto clean chimney advantage and disadvantage
auto clean chimney advantage and disadvantage

Advantages of auto clean kitchen chimneys

  • Auto clean chimney for kitchen can effectively prevent particles of oil as well as grease from sticking to your filter that will affect its suction power and essentially dampen its performance.
  • These kitchen chimneys are also designed to prevent oil from clogging. The turbine blower made of aluminum non-stick is the component of auto clean kitchens that makes sure that oil does not clog our kitchen chimneys.
  • Since auto clean kitchen chimneys employ oil collectors then it won’t need any regular or frequent maintenance at all. This makes it a cost-effective choice although there’s a chance that you might invest in it more initially compared to your traditional kitchen chimney filters.
  • Auto clean chimney is a time-saving feature. Because cleaning a chimney is a tedious and time-consuming task. cooking smoke and oil every day make your kitchen chimney dirty.
  • Auto Clean Chimneys do not require too much maintenance. Empty the oil collector once a month and wash the filters lightly.

Disadvantages of auto clean kitchen chimneys

  • Despite the fact that auto clean chimneys are very effective and efficient, the price is quite high. But, They are cost-effective in the long run, since they have a long lifespan.
  • Auto-cleaning chimneys come with extra components inside, so they can have extra features, so this type of chimney repair is more costly.
  • Also, these chimneys come with advanced features that can increase electricity power consumption.

How to clean auto-clean kitchen chimney filters?

Auto-cleaning chimney filter needs to be cleaning, It’s easy to do! There is not much difference between other chimneys and auto-cleaning chimney filter cleaning. I will shortly describe these cleaning processes below-

These filters can be hand washed. And it is the most effective way of cleaning them. The very initial step is to remove the filter from the Chimney safely. Make sure the Chimney is not operational and not hot. You may also refer to the Online Kitchen Chimney manual for safety instructions.
Once it is removed, dip the filter inside a warm water tub mixed with detergent power. You may leave it for 1 hour so that the dirt and grease loosens a bit. Post that, take a scrubber or a sponge rub the channels thoroughly till the grease and oil are drained out. You should not use any bleach or hard chemicals as they may damage your Chimney filter.
Once it is thoroughly cleaned, you may keep it from drying. Once dried, re-install the filter in its position and secure the knobs.
Some modern Chimney filters do not require you to clean them very frequently. But, again that depends on your cooking pattern and kitchen load.

how auto clean chimney works?

Auto Clean basically cleans oil particles and dirt from the kitchen chimney without human intervention. The Auto clean feature does not automatically collect oil at interest. This saves fatigue and cleaning time.

Is auto clean chimney better?

In a way, auto clean chimneys are better than your traditional kitchen chimneys. First of all, the overall upkeep of a kitchen chimney is significantly reduced. That means the overall service life of the kitchen chimney filter is then lengthened.

That also means that they are more cost-effective in the long run even if you have to spend a bit more initially. They will also require less manpower or labor as they are self-cleaning and won’t need or would require less human intervention when operating.

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