Baffle Filter Chimney: Keep Clean And Efficient Kitchen!

The kitchen chimney filter is the inner mechanism of your kitchen chimney that does the heavy lifting. This filter system makes sure to capture all the particles that it should like grease and oil while effectively exhausting the rest like smoke or steam.

Having said that, these filters are super important components of your whole kitchen chimney system, and determining the right one for you and your needs would also determine how efficient the whole setup will be. 

Speaking of which, a baffle filter chimney is a popular type of filter that you should be aware of. Let’s go ahead and check it out for a bit.

Baffle filter chimney

A baffle filter is made of several stainless sheets of steel of curved panels. The panel is then made of multiple curves so the air moves through it while oil, as well as grease particles, are retained in the process. 

You will also have the option to use aluminum baffle filters but they are quite rare. Grease and oil particles because of how baffle filters work are now not considered obstacles to the air. That results in better suction power. 

The baffle filter needs to be cleaned every 3 to 4 months depending on your level of usage. Baffle filter chimneys are generally known to be better than mesh filters. They are easy to clean and are low maintenance. They are also more durable than cassette filters.

And as mentioned, the improved airflow then results in better suction capacity. Baffle filters though are a lot heavier than any other type of filter so detaching it would be a bit of a challenge. It’s also a bit more expensive than the cassette-type filter.

Some Baffle Filters Chimney have Charcoal Filters with additional features. A charcoal filter absorbs odors, grease and moisture from your kitchen.

How To Baffle filter work!

Baffle channels help to force the oil-soaked air to alter course rapidly and over and again as it passes through the channel. Since the oil beads can’t alter their direction as quickly as the air carrying them, they gather on the metal edges and afterward drain down the channel. At the point when the oil is separated into a plate, it guarantees that there is no stain left in the moving air.

Basically, its works like a Cleaning staff, who helps to clean up your kitchen when you cook in the kitchen. The air comes out of the kitchen through the Baffle filter.

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Baffle filterless chimney

Filterless chimney technology is another innovation in the field of kitchen chimneys. This technology allows for oily particles to be removed through an oil collector attached to the chimney itself. 

The usual kitchen chimney with a filter tends to get clogged in due time and will need maintenance for it to continue to function efficiently. But filterless chimneys are what you call Auto clean chimneys.

A lot of the known brands are already manufacturing filterless chimneys.

How to clean chimney Baffle filter at home?

Cleaning the chimney filter is very important. It is much easier to clean the baffle filter than other chimney filters. Because it is much easier to open and install. It can be cleaned very easily.

A few more steps you can do to clean the buffalo filter. First of all, uninstall the filter. Add detergent powder, baking soda and vinegar to a medium-large container with hot water. Then soak the chimney filter in this water for 20-30 minutes. This will clear the oiliness of the chimney filter. After that, clean the filters with a brush or cloth and the baffle filter will be cleaned. Re-install the chimney filters in the chimney. Work Done!

Why Baffle Filter is used?

Now let us know why we need a baffle filter. This type of filter is quite commonly used nowadays. And the obvious reason is, that it is very effective. It is very efficient in filtering out the grease from the smoke that is generated in the kitchen. As they are designed by interlocking the baffle channels, they ensure that thick grease gets trapped in the channels. Also, the material used in the construction of these filters ensures a greater life. These filters can resist high temperatures and add up to the chimney’s aesthetic appearance as well.

Positives of using Stainless Steel filter or Baffle filter Chimney

  • These filters made of stainless steel are Heatproof. They can withstand high flames and are resistant to thick grease.
  • They are used in all modern Chimneys because of their aesthetic looks.
  • They look shiny and thus give a premium look to the kitchen chimney. They are resistant to corrosiveness.
  • They are durable and can last longer.
  • They are cost-effective.

Baffle filter chimney price India

There are many types of filter chimneys available in the market. Baffle filter chimneys are available in the market at low prices. Even if the price is low, there are morning facilities. It can be easily cleaned. This type of filter chimney is very effective for your kitchen.

The cost of Baffle filter for Kitchen Chimney costs around Rs. 800 to 1500 approximately, depending on the quality and brand. The large Kitchen Chimney has different filter requirements. So the price may go higher. We would recommend you to look for prices online.

Which chimney is better filter or filterless?

Filterless chimneys are said to be the chimneys of the next generation but chimneys with filters are still prevalent in kitchens for a lot of good reasons. So which type is better? Well, it depends on what you need or what suits your kitchen usage.

As expected, filterless types are more expensive but of course more convenient. But kitchen chimneys with filters are still preferred by a lot due to their long-lasting trust in how it works. It’s up to you!

Should I buy a filterless chimney or a chimney with a filter?

The modern chimney also comes without a filter (filterless ). There is no Oil Collector or Baffle Filter, Enclosure, so this means you can’t open it to replace a filter. These chimneys are more costly than their counterparts. But they are only responsible for regular opening and cleaning.

The Auto Clean feature in these chimneys cleans them more effectively than chimneys with Baffle Filters. Manually opening the filters and hand cleaning them is not possible. They also save a lot of time, this also saves money. However, as mentioned above, filterless are more expensive.

Which Chimney Filter is best?

We have already mentioned different types of filters in our article what is a Kitchen Chimney. If you want an affordable and efficient Chimney, go for Chimney equipped with Baffle Filter. The best option is to get a kitchen chimney with a carbon filter if you can stretch the budget a little further. There is nothing wrong with any of them, but they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

You may also read our article – Deep Silent Kitchen Chimney in India – Review & Price List. This will give you a fair idea about the Silent Chimneys that are currently trending in the Indian market.

Baffle filter vs. Cassette Filter

  • They are durable as compared to the Cassette filter.
  • They can withstand high temperatures but the Cassette filter cannot.
  • They ensure efficient air cleaning as compared to the Cassette filter.
  • The advantage of a cassette filter is that it is lighter than Baffles.
  • Cassette filters are cheaper compared to these filters.
  • They are easier to clean as compared to Cassette filters.

Mesh filter kitchen chimney

A mesh filter kitchen chimney is a type of chimney that uses a fine mesh screen to trap smoke and grease particles. This prevents them from entering the room and keeps the kitchen clean. Mesh filters are often made of stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean.

Mesh filters work by drawing the smoke and grease particles up into the filter screen where they are trapped. The air then flows out of the chimney, leaving the kitchen clean and free of smoke and odors

How to clean chimney mesh filter!

Mesh filter kitchen chimneys are very easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the mesh filter and rinse it off with hot water. You can then replace the mesh filter and put the hood back on your stove. Mesh filter kitchen chimneys are a great way to keep your home safe and keep your chimney clean.

Which is better Baffle or mesh filter?

They are slowly gaining in popularity over the traditional baffle filter kitchen chimneys. There are many reasons for this.

The first reason is that mesh filters are easier to clean than baffle filters. The mesh can be easily brushed or hosed down, whereas the baffles need to be removed and cleaned separately. This is not only difficult but also risky, as it involves working with sharp blades.

Secondly, mesh filters are more efficient than baffle filters at capturing grease and smoke particles. This is because the holes in the mesh are much smaller than the gaps between the baffles, so less air can escape. As a result, the kitchen chimney works better and smokes less.
Finally, mesh filters are cheaper than baffle filters.


In this article, we have covered what a Baffle filter is its advantages, how it works and its approximate price in India. And we feel the information provided here should give you a good start in understanding more about Filters used in Chimneys. We hope we were able to provide you with an overview of filters.
If you have any questions, or if you want to know more about filters please comment below. Please read our article on – The 5 Best Auto Clean Chimney Selling for Kitchen

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How to clean greasy oily kitchen chimney baffle filters by useful tips & tricks for home.

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