Baffle filter vs filterless chimney which is better

Welcome to our Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney comparison article. Here we confirm or debunk all facts and myths about these two types of chimneys (or chimney configuration) to help you make a sound decision.

We understand that setting up a chimney is not an easy or should we say cheap task so we need to make sure that you install what’s best for you and your needs. Both types have advantages and disadvantages and so without further ado, we’ll review what they are all about and most of all, compare their strengths and weaknesses comprehensively.

Which chimney is better filterless or baffle filter? -We recommend choosing Baffle filters for Indian Kitchen. Because, the cooking style of Indians is more on oil and spices, which reveals a lot of smell and grease that settles on the walls and kitchen appliances.

But, It is up to you to decide which one to choose. We are just describing the features of your Baffle Filter or Filterless Chimney. Which will help you in choosing the chimney filter as per the demand. To choose the right chimney read our- Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Some Basic Concepts About Chimney Filter vs Filterless

Before we go in-depth with our Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney debate we first need to at least understand some of the basic concepts to gain a better perspective of the things involved. 

First off, why is a kitchen chimney essential? Well, if you don’t cook that much or if you live by yourself or maybe have a small family, you may get away with not having a kitchen chimney otherwise it should be essential in keeping a tidy kitchen or home, in general.

Kitchen chimneys are essential for homes or restaurants because it helps trap grease, oil, smoke, and all sorts of odors and kitchen debris and then filters them out. Not only do you keep your kitchen tidy but also hygienic for food preparation. 

What’s with the filter, you may ask? Remember how your water filtration system cleans said water? Well, the filter on your chimney does the same thing. Charcoal or carbon filters are commonly used for their effectiveness and efficiency. 

After gaining a better understanding of the basics, let’s move on to our comparative analysis of Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimneys.

Did you know- What Is Charcoal Filter Chimney?

What is a baffle filter chimney?


A baffle filter chimney is said to be one of the most advanced or innovative filters in the kitchen chimney market today. You can even say that it is an upgrade to the usual mesh filter system and people are raving about it as they say that it is better than the usual charcoal or carbon filter system that traditional kitchen chimneys utilize.

What is baffle filter in chimney? A baffle filter chimney is usually made from curved stainless steel plates or high-quality aluminum. So, not only is it innovative, it is quite durable too and is guaranteed to be a great long-term investment. The curved design of the plates ensures that it controls airflow and in turn, makes sure that every other debris is kept in check at all times. The more particles stuck on the filter the cleaner it is for your kitchen.

Baffle filters employ the cut and splash mechanism to effectively separate oil as well as other heavier particles from smoke and dispose of them accordingly. They don’t also clog easily and once again, that is due to the curved design so it wouldn’t require as frequent maintenance as its counterparts. 

As a matter of fact, if your baffle filter chimney comes with an auto-clean feature then you will only need to clean it twice a year. Amazing, right? It’s well suited for super busy kitchens, that’s for sure. 


  • Ideal for Indian style cooking kitchen
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Product is value for money


  • These filter type chimneys look similar
  • Not as light as other filters

What is a filterless chimney?


So, if baffle filter kitchen chimneys are so cool, then what about filterless chimneys? Let’s find out!

As the name like – filterless chimneys come without filters. These are the latest advances in automatic clean chimney filters, it has built-in chimneys. Since there are no filters, so there is virtually no cleaning problem. This filterless technology ensures that maintenance costs are reduced to almost zero. It collects waste oil by the oil collector and the whole cleaning process takes about ten to fifteen minutes when the automatic clean button is pressed.

The baffle filter chimney wows us with its intricate design but filterless chimneys are the complete opposite of how straightforward it is. No filters so that means that it’s all motor power that’s going to do the job.

Through this design, the motor becomes more efficient with its suction capacity and this chimney does not clog at all. It’s got an auto-clean feature that at a push of a button your chimney is clean in a matter of minutes. 

And it’s also a silent operator to boot for a comfortable cooking experience. some Silent Kitchen Chimney in India.


  • No chimney cleaning hassle
  • Almost zero maintenance costs
  • Minimal noise produce


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Too much oil and spices used in cooking are not as effective.

Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney Comparison Chart

Category Baffle ChimneyFilterless Chimney
DurabilityPretty durable and will last a long timePretty durable and will last a long time
PriceStandard kitchen chimney pricingA little bit more expensive upfront cost but cost-efficient in the long run 
MaintenanceNeeds quarterly cleaning or if it’s got an auto-clean feature then twice a yearVery little to no maintenance at all
How it worksAluminum or steel plates help in filtering oil, smoke, grease, etc. as opposed to the usual filtersMotor suction power does all the work when it comes to trapping and getting rid of particles 
Strength (PROS)Perfect for the busiest of kitchens and preferred by restaurant operatorsNoiseless, efficient, and cost-effective
Weakness (CONS)A bit noisy and costly to maintain than the filterless chimney Meant mostly for homes as it’s not as heavy-duty as the baffle filter chimney 
Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney Chart by Best Kitchen Chimney

Difference between Baffle filter and Filterless chimney

The main difference between baffle filters and filterless chimneys is filter technology. Baffle filters filter the air with filters, while filterless filters filter air without filters.

There are different types of filters included in traditional chimneys that assist in separating the oil and other heavy particles from the smoke exhaust. It is necessary to clean the chimney filters every 3 months. These filters of chimneys require more maintenance.

On the other hand, New filterless chimneys do not have any filter machine gun and therefore require almost no maintenance. You can choose a filterless chimney if you want a hassle-free cooking experience. As a newly invented filter technology, it also provides an amazing look. For that reason, I suggest that anyone looking to buy a new kitchen chimney consider a filterless type chimney.

Which chimney is better filterless or baffle filter?

No single answer can be given to this question, as it depends on a number of factors, including the type of chimney and the type of fireplace. Some people prefer filterless chimneys because they are easier to clean with auto cleaning, but others prefer baffle filters because they prevent smokiness kitchen. Baffle filters are generally more effective at Maintenance than filterless chimneys, but this may not be the case in all situations

Ultimately, it is up to the individual homeowner to decide which type of chimney is best for them. You can make the right choice when you fully comprehend the differences between baffle filter vs filterless technology.

Conclusion: Baffle filter vs Filterless chimney better for your kitchen?

So in conclusion of our Baffle filter vs Filterless chimney which is a better kitchen chimney? Well, it turns out that the right question to ask is “which chimney is better Baffle filter or Filterless for YOU”.

Meaning that it all depends on your situation. If you’d look into our comparison chart then you’d immediately know which fits which kitchen needs. If you operate a busy kitchen whether at home ( maybe you have a large family ) or a restaurant, then it’s safe to say that you might need a baffle filter kitchen chimney. This type has been proven time and again that it’s heavy-duty, reliable, and efficient. 

For now, the filterless kitchen chimney may have its limits but we don’t think that that would stay for long. Filterless chimneys are efficient in a home setting and so it’s best to have one in your home kitchen to keep it tidy at all times not to mention that after you have it set up, you won’t have to worry about any maintenance bills later on. 

No matter which one you choose, just don’t leave your kitchen without a chimney for that would prove to be the more costly choice. If you want to prepare food with peace of mind that’s healthy and clean, then employing a kitchen chimney is the way to go. Hopefully, you understand the difference between Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney.

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