Best Chimney Exhaust Pipe In India 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Today’s kitchens are looking more pleasing and compact. In Indian households, chimneys have now become a necessity for the kitchen. You can clean your kitchen more effectively with the Best Kitchen Chimney. At any time, you can use a kitchen chimney for a clean and modern look in your kitchen. Healthy air is generated in your kitchen by the chimney, which helps you to prepare healthy meals.

However, No matter what brand of chimney you have in the kitchen! Installation is the most important part of a kitchen chimney. When cooking, an exhaust pipe keeps oil, steam, and smoke away from the kitchen, as well as improving air circulation. Make sure you consider the chimney exhaust pipe’s health when choosing a quality chimney that will last a long time.

We will examine the most reliable and efficient kitchen chimney exhaust pipes available on the market today. Here are some recommended chimney pipes that you can choose from on the basis of user ratings, efficiency, and compatibility. See our list of chimney exhaust pipes, choose an appropriate one to meet your needs and your budget, and enjoy the improved efficiency of your kitchen chimney.

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OICOTA Chimney Exhaust Pipe ( 6 inch )

OICOTA Chimney Exhaust Pipe

If you’re looking for the best chimney exhaust pipe, OICOTA 6 inch Chimney Exhaust Pipe is right now the best option in the market. The OICOTA 6 inch Chimney Exhaust Pipe provides great performance and durability at a very affordable price. The aluminum material of this exhaust pipe makes it highly durable and lightweight, making it suitable for several types of setups. There aren’t any noticeable flaws in terms of performance or functionality.

There are two colors available for the OICOTA 6 inch Chimney Exhaust Pipe allowing people to choose from a broad range of styles and colors. The OICOTA 6 inch Chimney Exhaust Pipe also provides a great design and build quality. Another reason for its appeal is the accessories included with it. This exhaust pipe comes with a cowl cover and aluminum tape, making it one of the most complete sets of exhaust pipes for buyers. 

It is not a secret that this amazing OICOTA 6 inch Chimney Exhaust Pipe is an excellent solution for those looking for smooth, durable, and highly efficient chimney exhaust pipes.


  • Excellent build quality 
  • two colors available 
  • Lightweight and long-lasting 
  • Fits any chimney with an exhaust size of 6-inches


  • None so far 

Chirag distribution Plastic Exhaust Pipe ( 6-inch )

Chirag distribution Plastic Chimney Exhaust Pipe

It is the most reliable and efficient way to go if you are seeking a lightweight exhaust pipe that can be easily customized to your needs. This chimney exhaust pipe is plastic-type, which makes it not only one of the lightest pipes on our list, but it is also very convenient for buyers. There are no compatibility issues with it because it is compatible with any kitchen chimney.

Having a reliable exhaust pipe that can last for years without major performance issues is one of the main benefits of our Chirag distribution Plastic Chimney Exhaust Pipe. This pipe can be easily used in modern home kitchens, it can be extended up to 7ft in length. Also, there are two reducers, one with a head size of 150mm, one with a head size of 153mm. Thus, no major installation issues will arise whether you use it alone or in conjunction with an extension tube.

To sum up, the Chirag distribution Plastic Chimney Exhaust Pipe is the pipe to go with if you want to get a perfectly designed plastic exhaust pipe that is easier to manage and is durable enough to be used for your chimney.


  • Very lightweight
  • Suitable for use with other extension pipes
  • Works well with chimneys with 6” exhaust


  • Some users may have difficulty with durability

SA Flexible Aluminium Duct Exhaust Pipe ( 6-Inch )

SA Inch Flexible Aluminium Duct Pipe Chimney Exhaust Pipe

A wonderful choice is SA 6 Inch Flexible Aluminium Duct Exhaust Pipe. If you’re waiting to get an expandable exhaust pipe but aren’t keen on using plastic, then this is for you. A durable and long-lasting exhaust pipe is a result of the material used. Up to six feet of pipe can be easily extended.

As an exhaust pipe made from aluminum, this product will be more durable than others in its price range. This flexible aluminum pipe is not only decently durable but also offers a better value for your money. An aluminum cowl cover is included with the SA 6 Inch Flexible Aluminium Duct Pipe, completing the product. When you buy this pipe, you don’t need to buy a separate cowl cover.

It is a sturdy and flexible aluminum duct pipe that will be a good choice for you. We guarantee that you will not regret purchasing this exhaust pipe.


  • Aluminum build
  • Simple installation
  • Comes with Cowl Cover


  • Cover for the cows could have been better designed

How to Find a Perfect Chimney Exhaust Pipe For Kitchen?

You must be careful when choosing a drainage pipe for your home kitchen, and you should remember to keep a few things in mind. Here we are going to discuss these issues in detail. You should think about these factors when purchasing a new chimney exhaust pipe.

  • Chimney Compatibility

Your exhaust pipe should be of sufficient length and size to fit your chimney. By making sure that the exhaust pipe is compatible with your kitchen, you can choose the one that works best and offers the best performance. Also, Be careful about the cost of maintenance as well.

  • Build quality

Another important factor to take into account when purchasing new chimney exhaust pipes also means considering the product’s material or build quality. Choosing a durable Chimney Exhaust Pipe means that they won’t need to be maintained frequently and that they’ll last longer than ordinary pipes. So, make sure you check the durability before purchasing a pipe. you can read the reviews about the pipe to learn more about its quality.

  • Ease of installation

You should consider the installation process when you buy a new exhaust pipe for your kitchen chimney. Before buying, ensure that the product you are getting requires no special tools or procedures for installation. This way, you can install your exhaust pipe with minimal effort,  you can get a perfect installation.

Kitchen Chimney Installation Guide With Tools

  • Color and design

Today’s kitchens have a good design and good decor. that’s why the color scheme and design of the kitchen chimney exhaust pipe are so important. It is important to consider the color of the chimney and exhaust pipe when you have a designer kitchen.


All information on chimney exhaust pipes is provided in detail. Now you have learned how to select the best chimney exhaust pipe within your budget, let’s find your perfect exhaust pipe. Make your choice from one of the above-explained products to find the perfect one for your kitchen.
As an extra bonus, keeping in mind the factors in the buyer’s guide allows you to find a more suitable product. Hopefully, you will be able to obtain the chimney exhaust pipe you need.

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