What Is Charcoal Filter Chimney?

There are a few different ways as to how a kitchen chimney filters the varying particles coming from the food that we cook. And the particular type of kitchen chimney filter that you choose determines the freshness of your kitchen throughout the day.

Charcoal filter chimney is one common type of kitchen chimney filter utilized in kitchens across the globe. Is it the best choice for you? Well, let’s find out!


Charcoal filter chimney

Charcoal filter chimneys are made of charcoal slates with holes situated that in such a way will serve their function. The holes are designed to absorb oil and grease as well as smoke particles to then effectively either trap or exhaust them.

As opposed to a baffle filter or mesh filter that requires maintenance, charcoal filters are not washable. They are a bit noisy and the filter itself, since it can’t be maintained has to be replaced within 3 to 4 months depending on how much you use your kitchen stove or hob. Charcoal filter chimneys are also known to be a bit expensive especially compared to mesh type filters.

Charcoal filters are actually optional filters that can work with cassette or baffle type filters. It’ effectiveness depends on how thick the filter is and it’s charcoal granules. As mentioned, it’s a bit expensive for an add-on, but if you have the extra cash and use your stove frequently as in a commercial kitchen, then you will make good use of it for sure.

Advantages of Charcoal filter

Basically, the main advantage of a charcoal filter is that it upgrades the effectiveness of either a cassette or baffle type filter. When added onto the existing layers of these types of filters then it can be more efficient at absorbing grease and oil particles as well as getting rid of odor, smoke, and steam.

Charcoal filter chimney price

Charcoal filter chimneys cannot be maintained normally. Therefore, the filter has to be replaced within 3 to 4 months. Depending on how much you use in your kitchen stove or chalk when replacing.

Charcoal filter chimney costs 1000 – 2000+ rupees. This chimney filter should activated carbon and it absorbs grease and moisture while cooking. Use this filter to prevent unpleasant odors in the kitchen.

Cleaning the chimney is very important maintenance of life!

how to change the charcoal chimney filter?

  • Remove the 1st layer of the filter from the chimney.
  • Then Remove the old Charcoal filter from the chimney.
  • Install new charcoal filters in the chimney.
  • Reinstall the layer in their font on the chimney.

Charcoal filter chimney price

The price of a charcoal filter chimney is almost the same as other chimneys in the market. However, charcoal filters are an additional feature in this chimney. It eliminates kitchen odors by absorbing grease and moisture during your cooking.
However, this feature cannot be maintained. So it should be replaced in a few days. Charcoal filter chimneys are expensive to maintain. Usually, ductless chimneys with charcoal filters are available in the market. This is Elica CBF 602 SS comes with a charcoal filter.

If you are serious about your kitchen then I think you should use this charcoal filter.

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