Clix Chimney With High Suction Power and Attractive Design

All products create thoughts about human needs and aspirations. Not in contrast to the kitchen Clix Chimney. It is made keeping in mind the needs of the kitchen. We all know that the kitchen chimney has now become an essential part of every Indian kitchen. Because of this, I believe that each and every kitchen should be outfitted with a chimney, no matter how kitchen large or small.


We all know how important a kitchen chimney is in every home. “To keep kitchen furniture and walls clean, there is no alternative but a kitchen chimney”. This will help keep our kitchen oily or grease and smoke-free.

Indian market now! Various chimney brands are available. No matter which brand we use, the Chimney objective remains the same all the time. However, High suction chimneys are needed to keep the kitchen healthy and smoke-free. In this article, We review the 5 best Clix Chimneys by price and features, also discuss what we like and dislike. All have good sucking ability.

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The grading of the collection of the best kitchen chimney has many features such as chimney type, filter type, functionality, duct vs. ductless, chimney size, and maintenance options. You also have to worry about the warranty time and cleanliness.

What else is this chimney offering you? Such as Auto Clean Technology, LED lamps, low noise levels Etc. “These are the things to consider when you decide to purchase the chimney.”

Euro 60 3G Auto Clean Clix Chimney Review

Euro 60 3G Clix Chimney

Euro 60 3G Auto Clean is one of the best chimney models from the Climax chimney brand. The Euro 60G comes with some fantastic features like Auto Clean and Feather Touch buttons. It comes with a stainless steel body and a Euro coating. It has a curved glass panel that is sturdy and also looks attractive. This model has two sizes 60cm and 90cm Which is enough for our Regular kitchen. The chimney gets a rotary LED lamp that rotates in any direction. It can light any side of the chimney.

This chimney comes with a 180W Motor Which suction power of 1250m3/hr. This chimney fan comes with 3-speed control which can pull all the smoke and dirt from your kitchen. Air outlet size 150mm. This chimney comes with buffalo filters Which are Easy to clean.

The buffalo filter ensures a maximum trap of dirt and grease. PC Oil collectors collect all of it. The Clix euro 60 3g chimney price is A little bit pricey. This chimney is ideal for regular use in all types of family kitchens. 

Pros & Cons

  • Stainless steel Body with Euro Coating
  • Auto-clean technology
  • Available Two sizes
  • Overheat Protection for Motor
  • Touch Buttons and Smoke, Heat & Gas Leaking Sensor
  • Baffle filter With Oil collector
  • Rotary LED Lamp
  • A little bit pricey
  • at level 3 speed produces high noise

Deco 60 3G Auto Clean Clix Chimney Review

Deco 60 3G Clix Chimney

The DECO 60 3G is a popular one because of its Curved glass design. It also has a stainless steel body with glass panels. The front panel of the chimney has a push-button switch and a black glossy finish with a colorful digital screen. This chimney also has CC cone filters and oil collectors. LED lights are available to illuminate the area directly under the chimney. 60 cm and 90 cm are available, which is enough for the Indian kitchen.

This DECO 60 3G chimney has an auto cleaning function. Auto cleaning helps keep grease and oily particles free from your kitchen chimney. This chimney comes with suction fan clocks at 1250m3/hr Which Is the maximum power to this chimney. The capacity of the exhaust fan motor is 180 watts and Air Outlet is 150mm.

Pros & Cons

  • Heating Auto Clean Technology
  • Colorful Digital Screen
  • Available in dual Size
  • Powerful motor
  • Best suction capacity
  • Installation is expensive
  • No Baffle Filter

E’Sprit 60 Popular Black Chimney Review

E’Sprit 60 3G Black Clix Chimney

This Clix chimney of E’Sprit is available in 60 cm and 90 cm variants. E’Sprit 60 3G Black comes with a black body and attractive design. Like the other features, the Auto Clean feature is also available in this chimney. With a baffle filter, Which is ideal for Indian kitchens and should be cleaned every month. This chimney has oil collectors, which I think are a useful feature for cleansers.

The E’Sprit 60 3G Chimney comes with a high suction power ability of 1250 m3/hr. This suction power is handled with the 3-speed control touch button. The air outlet is about 150 mm wide area. The chimney has an LED lamp attached to it, which is a square dimension. This model of Clix Chimney Power requires 230V AC to work. This chimney has many helpful features, which is Enough for our Indian kitchen.

Pros & Cons

  • Heating Autoclean technology
  • 60cm and 90cm Available
  • Feather Touch Buttons
  • Overheat Protection for Motor
  • Baffle filter With Oil collector
  • Square LED Lamp
  • Slightly more electricity required.

Grace 60 Clix Chimney Review

Grace 60 Clix Chimney

Grace 60 Chimney is made with the best material and smooth black finish, also black painted body. The front of the chimney is decorated with black color and a solid tempered glass design. This chimney comes with a total of 5 push buttons. The first button is On and Off, the other three buttons are for low to high fan speed control another one is the LED button. This Chimney is available in sizes of 60 cm.

The Grace 60 Chimney is provided 2 nos with (1.5W) LED lamps for an excellent cooking experience. The suction motor has a capacity of 1100m3/hr, and that much is enough Indian Kitchen. It comes with Baffle Filters, which are nice to look at and also easy to clean. I think you should take this chimney if you want to get a chimney that matches the interior of your kitchen.

Pros & Cons

  • Tempered Glass Design
  • Easy to clean Baffle Filters
  • LED Lights
  • Requires less electricity.
  • Feather Push Buttons
  • No Auto Clean Technology
  • Not suitable for large kitchen

Elite 60 Popular Plus Clix Chimney Review

Elite 60 Popular Plus Clix Chimney Review

Elite 60 Popular Plus is one of the most popular models of this brand. This chimney will fulfill most of the basic needs of your kitchen chimney work. The Elite 60 Popular Plus Clix Chimney comes with a suction capacity of 900m3/hr. Which is the average type of suction power. It has a beautiful-looking steel chimney with a black powder-coated finish. There are also two 25W Lamps lights illuminating the cooking area. This chimney provided 3 Speed Control, ON-OFF, and LED Light Buttons.

Elite 60 Popular Plus is 60 cm in size which is suitable for 2 or 3 burner ovens. The size of the air outlet is 150 mm. It comes with stainless steel baffle filters. 95W electric power is required to run the chimney motor, Which takes less energy at once. This chimney is designed for general cooking capacity and serves as a real resource for small kitchen decor.

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Pros & Cons

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Available in two colors
  • stainless steel baffle filter
  • Speed Control Push Button
  • Overheat Thermal Protection feature
  • No Auto Clean feature
  • Only 60 cm in size Available

About Clix Chimney

The CLIX is a brand name of PKL Appliances. The company started in 1985 with shares of Primus AB, Sweden, and Kabsons Group of India. Clix brand title Chimneys, Gas Stoves, and other cooking appliances are available in the market.

PKL’s appliances are marketed under the brand name CLIX through channel partners across India

Product Warranty

You will get a 5 Year warranty on all Clix chimneys above. To claim a warranty, you need to show the warranty documents taken at the time of purchase. You should contact your company representative to claim the warranty during the warranty period.

If you want to know more, please contact Customer Service @ Clix.

Clix chimney customer care number

  • Call Customer Care: 07032652549 for any inquiries.
  • Or Email:

How to clean Clix chimney

All Clix chimneys usually come with stainless steel baffle filters that are low on maintenance as cleaning is required every six months. Some chimneys also have auto-cleaning technology.

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