How to Choose the Right Kitchen Chimney Size?

Installing a kitchen chimney will prove to be valuable for you and your family. Other than a good-looking addition to your kitchen, it is so practical and functional that you’ll surely appreciate having one. Also, Care must be taken before installing a kitchen chimney-size tee.

It effectively sucks oil, steam, smoke, and even odor to keep your kitchen fresh as well as free from any common pollution. This gives you a nice space to do your magic in terms of food preparation. Having said all of that, it’s important to know how to choose the right kitchen chimney size.

How to select kitchen chimney size here are our tips!

How to select size of the kitchen chimney?

When it comes to choosing the size of your kitchen chimney, you need to take a number of factors into account. The most important factor is the size of your kitchen, but you must also consider how often you plan to use the chimney and what type of cooking you will be doing.

For those who only use the chimney occasionally, or who mostly cook with gas stoves, a large chimney may not be required- it is west of money! However, if you have a large kitchen and cook with an electric stove, then you’ll need a larger model.

Another thing to consider is the height of your ceilings. If they’re low, then you’ll need a model with a shorter hood. And finally, think about how much noise you want your chimney to make. Some models are much louder than other models of chimneys.

Kitchen chimney standard size measurements

The standard size chimney rule is that your kitchen chimney should always be larger than your kitchen stove or hob size. This is to make sure that your kitchen chimney can do its job properly by covering and absorbing whatever smoke, odor, steam, or pollution your stove or hob may produce.

So, before buying a chimney, you need to think about the size of your kitchen stove or hob. Then your kitchen chimney can absorb any smoke, and steam properly.

Kitchen chimney size calculator

Air suction capacity. Measured at a cubic meter per hour, your kitchen chimney’s size would then determine its suction capacity. There is an easy formula that you can utilize should you want to determine how large a kitchen chimney you might need.

That should be the Length X Width X Height X Number of times that your kitchen chimney should purify the air. So for example, your kitchen dimensions are ( 4 x 4 x 2.5= 40m2 ). That means the volume would be 40 cubic meters. Multiply that by 10 then you’d need something with 400 m3/hr ( m3/hr = cubic meters per hour ). This is a method of simple kitchen chimney size calculator. Kitchen Chimney Measurement can easily by following the instructions below.


I say again – the size of the kitchen chimney depends on the number of burners in the stove.

Standard Kitchen chimney size – 60cm or 90cm

To select the correct size of the Kitchen Chimney, one should first check the width of the gas burner. The best practice is the size of your kitchen chimney should be equal to or more than the size of your gas burner. Let us understand this from an example.

Let’s say you have a gas burner or a hob with a width of 48 cm (2 to 4 burner stove). Then a kitchen chimney of 60 cm will suffice. But, if your hob size is about 62 cm in width (3 to 5 burner stove), then the best kitchen chimney size you buy should be 90 cm. The standard size Kitchen Chimney dimensions manufactured by the Top Chimney Brands in India are :

Kitchen chimney size chart by the stove

Number of Stove burner Chimney size Name of chimney
2 to 4 burner stove chimney small size – 60cm KAFF META 60cm chimney
3 to 5 burner stove chimney large size – 90cm Hindware Nevio 90cm chimney
Kitchen chimney dimensions in cm

Did you know- How to select best kitchen chimney

Kitchen chimney small size – 60cm

A standard 2 to 4 burner stove should require a 60-centimeter kitchen chimney. This is the size of a small chimney available on the market.


Kitchen chimney large size – 90cm

While a 3 to 5-burner stove would then require a 90-centimeter kitchen chimney. This is the size of a large chimney available in the market.


Editor’s Tips Look into this Two size configuration first since kitchen chimneys are often available in these sizes.

When you think about chimney size, you may be interested in chimney height from stove as well. Finding out what height chimney installation you need for your kitchen will be beneficial.

Kitchen Chimney Height From Stove Calculation

Kitchen chimney size and price

The size of the chimney depends on the size of your stove. We are discussing the size of the chimney in detail.

Chimney prices depend on the size of the chimney. Also, it depends on new technology, features and air suction capability. The price of the chimney depends on the size of your kitchen.

Kitchen Chimney Mount Type

Know your kitchen chimney’s mount type. The most widely used kitchen chimney type would then be the wall-mounted type. This is the mount type that will be fixed on your wall right above your stove that is right next to the wall. Next is the ceiling-mounted chimney that hangs from the ceiling right above your stove. This type however is oftentimes larger than your wall-mounted kitchen chimney. Knowing the mount type you need would then be important in determining the size of the kitchen chimney.

Kitchen chimney size in feet 

The common size of a kitchen chimney is 60 cm or 90 cm. If we convert it from cm to feet, small size 60 cm kitchen chimney = 2 feet (approx) and large size 90 cm kitchen chimney = 3 feet (approx). The chimney length is the same as the electric chimney size!


What size of kitchen chimney is to be selected?

The size of the kitchen chimney to be selected depends on the size of the kitchen. A small kitchen would not need a large chimney, while a larger kitchen would require a larger chimney.

On the other hand, if you have a small family, it isn’t necessary to invest in a large chimney. I appreciate your attention to a smart feature of the chimney, such as the auto-clean and filterless features.

What size chimney do I need?

A single answer doesn’t fit all, because the size of the kitchen chimney you need depends on the size of your kitchen, how you cook and what stove you use. However, in general, you will need a larger chimney if you have a bigger kitchen and/or cook more intensively.

A general rule of thumb is that your chimney should be at least twice the size of your stove. It may be that a small kitchen only needs a chimney that is 60 inches wide, while a larger kitchen may require a chimney that is 90 inches wide or wider.

What is kitchen chimney big size?

A kitchen chimney with a width of at least 90 cm is considered to be a big size. This will ensure that the smoke and fumes from cooking are quickly and efficiently drawn away from the kitchen. This size is big enough to effectively remove smoke and cooking odors from the kitchen, but they can be more expensive and may not fit in all kitchens.


The size of the chimney you need for your Indian kitchen will depend on how you cook, how much smoke and fumes are produced, and how much space the chimney occupies. A medium-sized chimney is the best size for a kitchen chimney in an Indian kitchen if you are unsure.

Installing the right kitchen chimney size should make sure that it will function with greater efficiency. You’ll also get the most out of your investment for sure!

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  1. I love this blog! I’m always looking for new kitchen chimney ideas. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. I love this blog! I’m always looking for new kitchen chimney ideas. Thanks for the great tips!


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