Kitchen Chimney Duct vs Ductless: Which is better? Pros & Cons

Without a doubt, kitchen chimneys are an essential fixture in every home. They keep the smoke and heat out, so the kitchen stays cool and fresh-smelling. 

When it comes to installing one, the common question faced by new homeowners is this: what is the difference between a kitchen chimney duct vs. ductless one? Much of the answer to this question lies in how well it transfers heat and how silently it operates. There are also other details in between, and we believe this can be a source of confusion. 

To guide you in selecting the best kitchen chimney for your home, we prepared this article for you. We’ve also laid down the pros and cons of each type of kitchen chimney to make sure you make an informed decision. Before buying a kitchen chimney you must know about the comparison of kitchen chimney duct vs ductless. 

What is a Duct Chimney?

A duct or ducted chimney uses a large pipe to expel the smoke and heat from the kitchen. These pipes work by sucking in the hot air or smoke and letting them off outside the house. As a result, duct chimneys are better at transporting large amounts of hot air at a time, making them perfect for commercial purposes. This time ducted chimney is convenient for general users.

To fully appreciate ducted chimneys, here are their pros and cons for your consideration. 


Duct Chimney Pros & Cons

  • 1- A duct chimney is capable of transferring hot air, moisture, dirty air, and smoke from your kitchen and then releases them outside the house. That leaves the kitchen at average room temperature and without the lingering smell of what you just cooked.
  • 2- Because it is capable of transferring large amounts of air and smoke at a time, you can expect heavy-duty performance from duct chimneys.
  • 3- Since duct chimneys use a series of pipes that lead the air out of the house, that makes them low-maintenance.
  • 4- Duct chimneys also operate silently. Since this type of chimney does not need filters, the fans attached to its system to do not produce a lot of sounds.
  • 1- A setback in using a duct chimney is its installation. It relies heavily on the availability of ducts in your kitchen, which limits where you can have them installed. It also needs a large chimney hood – otherwise, it won’t be able to perform efficiently.
  • 2- Because of the trickier installation procedure, a duct chimney costs more money than its counterpart.

What is a Ductless Chimney?

On the other hand, a ductless chimney uses an exhaust fan to filter out the dirty air and smoke. Its main purpose is to improve the quality of the air inside the kitchen, so it merely gets rid of smoke and dirty air. To do so, a ductless chimney has a filter at the hood which is responsible for cleaning out the air. 

The kitchen ductless chimney is very nice to look at and ideal for a decorated kitchen. This is because no wall pipes or holes are needed to install a ductless chimney. So, you will need to use a ductless chimney to decorate the ideal kitchen.

Also, ductless chimneys simply recirculate the air once they are filtered out. As a result, you get cleaner air, although it doesn’t do much with lowering the temperature in the kitchen. But it is eco-friendly.


Ductless Chimney Pros & Cons

  • 1- The main advantage of ductless chimneys is that they’re very easy to install. Because it doesn’t need pipes to properly operate, you can have it installed wherever you like. So even if you plan to remodel your kitchen, its installation won’t be a problem.
  • 2- Also, ductless chimneys are more affordable than ducted ones.
  • 1- The exhaust fans on ductless chimneys work to suck in the dirty air and smoke through the filters. As a result, it produces noise which can be irritating to some users.
  • 2- Ductless chimneys merely filter out the dirty air inside the kitchen and recirculate it once it’s purified. It does not work to cool down the air in the kitchen.
  • 2- It’s safe to say that ductless chimneys are high-maintenance. Aside from regularly cleaning or replacing filters, you also have to make sure that the fans are always in excellent quality.

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Ducted vs Ductless Chimney – Which One is The Best?

Duct Vs Ductless Chimney

Title/DetailsDucts ChimneyDuctless Chimney
Cost / PriceDucted Chimneys are quite expensive.Ductless chimneys are more affordable.
PerformanceCapable for heavy-duty performance.Capable of medium-heavy performance
Maintenance and CareIt needs low maintenance. But, laborious to install.It needs high maintenance. But, easy to install
Suction PowerComes with maximum air suction capacity.Comes with a high suction capacity
NoiseLess noise generated (Max noise: 58 dB)Little noise generated

So ultimately, we have to answer this question: which one is the best between kitchen chimney duct vs ductless models?

There’s no doubt that the ducted chimney outperforms its ductless counterpart. Not only is it capable of keeping the kitchen cool and clean, but it also performs silently so you won’t hear any annoying sounds. It also boasts heavy-duty performance, making it perfect for restaurants and other commercial purposes. 

But if you’re only preparing meals a few times a day, then there’s no need for a heavy-duty chimney. In this case, it’s more practical to get a ductless chimney for your home.

Duct and Ductless chimney Power Consumption

Adequate power is required in all types of chimneys for endless work. However, comparing these two types of chimneys. Drain chimneys need less power to operate. On the other hand, Ductless Chimneys require more power to work because they have to suck in dirty air into their carbon filter before blowing it back.

So the Duct chimney is better than the other considering the electrical saving features. learn more about Chimney Power Consumption

Heat and Noise Production

An important discussion on kitchen chimney duct vs ductless models involves heat mitigation and noise production. 

In terms of improving the room temperature in your kitchen, the ducted chimney is the way to go. It works by completely releasing the hot air outside the house, so your kitchen won’t feel hot anymore. This isn’t the case with the ductless chimney since it merely recirculates the air after it has been filtered out. 

Duct chimneys also produce less noise than ductless ones. The exhaust fans on ductless chimneys have to spin really fast to get the air through the filters, and this often produces a lot of noise. This isn’t the case for duct chimneys since the fans they have merely serve to push the air outside the house. 

Duct and Ductless Chimney Maintenance

A comparison of both kitchen chimney duct vs ductless maintenance is always required for good performance. All appliance requires maintenance and cleaning, kitchen chimneys are no exception! So you should be careful about cleaning your chimney.

Ducted and Ductless chimneys both have filters. This filter works to get the cooking air out through the chimney. So you have to clean the chimney filters every few weeks. Some types of chimera filters need to be replaced. Duct and Ductless Chimney Maintenance are always required.

Ducted vs Ductless Chimneys | Which is better | Comparison

Kitchen Chimney Without Duct Pipe is good?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing more about the specific situation. In general, however, a kitchen chimney without a duct pipe is not as effective at removing smoke and fumes from the kitchen as one with a duct pipe. This is because the air is not able to flow as easily out of the chimney and up into the atmosphere. Additionally, if there is no duct pipe, the smoke and fumes can flow back down into the kitchen, creating a dangerous and unhealthy environment.


I think you understand what kind of kitchen chimney you need and it is also good for your kitchen environment. Your kitchen chimney duct vs ductless each are doing the same job. It’s your decision which needs duct vs ductless Your kitchen chimney should be cleaned. So, you should know about how to clean kitchen chimney in this article.

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