Kitchen Chimney Oil Collector – Ultimate Guide For You!

What’s a kitchen chimney? If you know – very good! If you don’t, let me break the ice for you. Kitchen chimneys are very efficient kitchen appliances with a mechanical fan inside that helps to remove all the smoke, carbon particles, airborne grease, and all other impurities while cooking keeping the kitchen clean.

If kitchen chimneys keep the kitchen clean, who cleans the kitchen chimneys right? That’s the oil collector tray for you! They collect all those impurities from the chimneys and make the cleaning stuff easier for you. Today I’m here giving the ultimate guide to kitchen chimney oil collector tray. Let’s dive into the interesting part now!

How they work Kitchen Chimney Oil Collector Tray

Before we go further, you have to know how exactly an oil collector tray works. The process goes back into the core of the chimney. As a kitchen chimney sucks all the heated air containing smoke, fumes, combustion products, and a lot of oil molecules, the oil collector tray is the place where all the oil stockpiles. They extend the lifespan of filters as, without a kitchen chimney oil collector, all the oils due to suction are stuck in the filter. Hence without the oil collector trays, the oil clogged highly in the chimney filters, gradually reducing its performance. They need to be washed frequently if you don’t have a kitchen chimney that doesn’t come with any oil collector tray which can be pretty tiring and time-consuming.

Types of oil collectors

Oil collectors come only with the kitchen chimneys with auto-clean features. With this type of chimney, you can get the luxury of clean oil and grease-free kitchen and oil and grease-free clean chimney. What happens is sometimes when you press the auto clean button, the core of the chimney gets heated up, and every impurity like oil, carbon particles, and combustion products meltdown and gets collected in the oil collectors.

Also, sometimes the turbine motion the centrifugal force makes all these sucked products stuck to the inside wall of the chimney and the oil dripped into the oil collector. Usually depending on the brands and design oil collectors come in some types you to choose from. 

Chimney Oil Collector

Oil collector trays:

These oil collectors come usually in rectangular-shaped trays. They are constructed with stainless steel which will save your oil collector from corrosion. Less work for you! No rust to waste time trying to clean it. They have a molded-in system to hang the collector below the kitchen chimney effortlessly. In this kind of oil collector, there’s the capacity for a lot of oil to be stuck there making the kitchen oil-free. After pressing the auto clean button, just wait 10-12 minutes that the chimney displays on the screen. Then you can simply remove the oil collector just with your hands without any helping tool’s intervention. Cleaning this oil collector is also very easy. You need only lemon-based dishwashing gel to work with cleaning its stainless steel body. No need to sweat your body. 

Oil collector cups:

oil collector cups are very popular in households. They are comparatively very small in size attached at the center of round-shaped kitchen chimneys. Similar to an oil collector tray, all the oil particle diffused from the smoke keeps on gathering in the cup. These are mostly made of high-quality plastic with a screw in the middle to attach it to the kitchen chimney. These bowl-shaped collectors vary in size depending on the chimney size, but usually, they come in a diameter of about 7-10 cm. To clean these plastic oil collectors, you’ll need to heat the water mildly and mix it up with lemon washing gel and submerge the kitchen chimney oil collector into the mix. Then wash it normally as you do your dishes.

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Best use of kitchen chimney oil collector

Oil collectors are for the people like you who like their kitchen to be fresh and grease-free. You must have to use an oil collector when your kitchen chimney will be in auto-clean mode. This function requires the oil collector to be placed in its respective position as all the oils from the cooking fume drips down by a specific pipe from the inside motor to the oil collector. Without it, the oils will spill on the cooking gears. More greasy work for you! You sure don’t want it. Or do you?

How to remove oil collector from the chimney?

Depending on the chimney, some oil collector removal might require a screwdriver, but for most of them out there, only your hands will do! There are grip-like molded-in structures on the places of the oil collectors where it will be attached to. You’ll get hang of it just in one time of using – It’s that simple. 

Talk to a professional about the best way to remove the oil collector from the chimney and reinstall it properly.

remove oil collector from the chimney


How to clean the oil collector chimney?

Lemon-based washing gels should be enough! But you can use it with mild warm water if you need more satisfaction and perfection. The oil collector chimney can be cleaned with a brush. First, remove the cap from the top of the chimney. Next, insert the brush and rotate it back and forth to loosen the dirt. Finally, rinse the chimney oil collector.

What kind of chimney do I need for an oil collector?

You only need chimneys with an auto-clean feature for using any oil collector. Without auto-clean mode, your oil collector will be useless.

Does an oil collector chimney need to be cleaned?


Yes, an oil collector chimney needs to be cleaned. It can lead to a number of problems, including loss of efficiency and safety risks if the chimney is not cleaned. It is important to have the chimney cleaned regularly to ensure optimal performance. A professional should be consulted to clean the chimney and ensure that it is properly functioning.

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Kitchen chimney oil collectors have many benefits that you should consider if you are looking for a way to improve the air quality in your home kitchen. Firstly, they collect oil and grease from the air within the oil collectors, reducing smoke and odor in the kitchen. They also capture particles and pollutants that are harmful to your health, so using one can help improve the air quality in your home. In addition, kitchen chimney oil collectors are easy to use, clean and install.

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