Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust Fan – Which Should You Choose?

Deciding whether to get a kitchen chimney or just settle for an exhaust fan? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you make a decision and a sound one to boot so your investments would yield efficient results. 

Knowing the differences between these two will make sure that you know which one you truly need as opposed to just going in on a decision blindly.

Let’s move on to our kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan debate. Read more – Use Of Chimney In Kitchen With Features.

How Does An Exhaust Fan Work?

An exhaust fan has a simple motor and blade mechanism and they are usually both used for bathrooms and kitchens. Exhaust fans’ primary function is to remove polluted air or bad odor from the room.

How it works is quite simple as well, once you turn it on, it will take the air inside and then exhaust it outside. Technically speaking, exhaust fans suck out hot or maybe humid air out of a localized area to allow fresher air to enter. 

It is also then connected to a ducting system to effectively expel the air outside.

If you are interested in knowing more about chimneys, read about the type of kitchen chimney and working technology – Duct vs Ductless – Which is better? You should have proper information about it before buying a chimney!

How Does Kitchen Chimney Works?

A chimney is usually fitted on top of a kitchen appliance. When you turn it on, it will start sucking not only hot or humid air but also oil, smoke, odor and steam generated during cooking.

All of these are thrown out of the kitchen also through a ducting system. A kitchen chimney is also a simple mechanism powered by an electric motor. It not only sucks more than just the air or odor but it also has a suitable filter that filters the air in the kitchen. Please do take note that you’re going to have to clean your filter regularly as well.

Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust Fan – Which is better for you?

Here are some other points to clearly illustrate whether you need an exhaust fan or kitchen chimney.


Kitchen Chimney

Exhaust Fan

Kitchen chimneys are relatively noiseless compared to exhaust fans especially the newer modelsExhaust fans are generally cheaper compared to kitchen chimneys
Kitchen chimneys are also quite pleasing visually and would add a little bit of flair to your kitchen in terms of the aestheticsExhaust fans are easy to install and are designed to just simply be mounted on side walls near any ceiling fan
Kitchen chimneys are ideal if your kitchens are always busy with all the cookingExhaust fans are quite ideal for bathrooms where you only need air to be sucked out
Kitchen chimneys are quite expensive. Effective models start at around Rs 10,000 in IndiaExhaust fans cost relatively less. This price range starts from Rs.1000 in India
They consume more electricityThey consume less electricity
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Ability to Cleaning oil and grease

No doubt about it, kitchen chimneys are better at cleaning oil and grease out of your kitchen and work rather efficiently at it. But again, you’re going to have to clean the filter regularly. Now Auto Clean Chimney Kitchen is available in the market.

Cooking Environment

A kitchen is a place where delicious smells are created and oftentimes, the smoke and odors from cooking can be unpleasant. A kitchen chimney or exhaust fan can help to remove this Smoke, odor, pollution, oil, steam, and grease from the kitchen. Those are just designed better and well-suited in a Cooking environment.

A kitchen chimney is a free-standing unit that is attached to the wall above the stove. The chimney has a hood that captures the smoke and vapors from the stove and pulls them up and out of the house. Kitchen chimneys come in both gas and electric models.

An exhaust fan is installed in the ceiling of the kitchen and it pulls air from the room and exhausts it outdoors. Exhaust fans are available as either ducted or non-ducted models. Ducted exhaust fans connect to a duct system that carries the air outside, while non-ducted exhaust fans simply expel air into the surrounding room.

Safety and Maintenance

Since they suck out all the undesirables from your kitchen then it is only natural that you should be concerned about the proper safety and maintenance of either your exhaust fan or kitchen chimneys.

The kitchen chimney comes with new exhaust technology with protection and a handsome design. Become a new technology kitchen Chimney power Consumption a few watts.

Exhaust fans are usually out of reach and are not as accessible. Be wary of the blade and carefully get to it when attempting to perform some cleaning. Kitchen chimneys, on the other hand, are quite accessible but have a lot more components to them to maintain.

Lifespan and durability

Exhaust fans are low maintenance systems compared to kitchen chimneys. If you want your kitchen chimney to last long then be sure to maintain it regularly. In terms of durability, aside from proper maintenance, the brand should determine its longevity. 


Is Exhaust fan required in Kitchen with Chimney?

It is a common misconception that Is Exhaust fan required in Kitchen with Chimney, but this is not the case – chimney vs exhaust fan. In fact, a standard chimney is 6 times more efficient than a powerful kitchen ventilation fan.

While it is true that a kitchen ventilation fan can help to expel cooking odors and moisture from the space, it’s not always necessary. If your kitchen has proper ventilation and your range hood is vented to the outside, an exhaust fan is unnecessary.

In some cases, however, a kitchen ventilation fan may be necessary. If your kitchen doesn’t have any windows or if they are small and don’t provide enough ventilation, then a fan may be necessary. Additionally, if you have a gas stovetop, you will need to use a kitchen ventilation fan to expel the cooking fumes.

Is chimney good for Indian kitchen?

There is a debate about whether or not a chimney is good for an Indian kitchen. Some people believe that it is helpful in removing cooking fumes and smoke, while others think it’s not necessary.

Many modern Indian kitchens have adopted the use of a chimney, especially in larger homes. However, there are still many traditional kitchens that don’t have one.

A chimney can be helpful in removing cooking fumes and smoke, but it’s not necessary. Many people choose to install a chimney because it makes the kitchen look more sophisticated and adds to the home’s value.

Which is best chimney or exhaust fan?

When it comes to choosing between a chimney and an exhaust fan, there is no clear-cut answer. A chimney may be better than an exhaust fan in some cases, while an exhaust fan may be better in others.

A chimney often costs more to install than an exhaust fan does.
In general, a chimney is better than an exhaust fan when it comes to removing smoke and fumes from a kitchen. A chimney can remove these pollutants from the air faster and more effectively than an exhaust fan.

Exhaust fans, however, may be better for removing moisture from the air than chimneys, as they can also remove odors from the kitchen room.

Ultimately, the best option for your home depends on your specific needs and preferences.

What is the difference between Ventilation fan and Exhaust fan?

Both ventilation fans and exhaust fans play an important role in keeping our indoor environments healthy, but there are some key differences between them. Ventilation fans bring in fresh air to help dilute and remove stale air, while exhaust fans remove smoke, fumes, and other pollutants from the air. Ventilation fans are typically used to improve air quality, while exhaust fans are often used to prevent fires or contain them when they do occur.

Conclusion – Chimney vs Exhaust Fan which is the best in India?

From the above comparison of Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust Fan. No doubt, the best choice is a kitchen chimney rather than an exhaust fan. But, kitchen chimneys are relatively expensive compared to exhaust fans. Kitchen chimney prices are a bit higher but it can give you more comfort and a cleaner environment when cooking in the kitchen.

Chimney vs Exhaust Fan

That should cover our kitchen chimney vs exhaust fan mini-debate. 

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