5 Types of Kitchen Chimney in India

Why do you need to know the type of kitchen chimney? Because- Not all Indian kitchens are built and utilized alike. Depending on the foods that are normally prepared on it as well as the frequency of food preparations done, you’d need the right type of kitchen chimney to efficiently serve your needs.

We’ve listed down five types of kitchen chimneys and we’re going to discuss them one by one and see which will best suit your style and fit your needs. Any type of chimney is not suitable for your kitchen. Determine the type of chimney based on the location and size of your stove. Also, Consider- Proper Size Of Kitchen Chimney Size?

Different types of kitchen chimney

There are a few things that you need to consider before you pick the right type of kitchen chimney for you. You need to consider your space, stove or hob type, filtering needs, and of course, it should blend in with the aesthetics of your kitchen.

If you are interested in the aesthetics of the kitchen chimney, it does not affect the use of the chimney. However, the cleanliness and beauty of your kitchen must be important to you. Read this to keep the kitchen chimney clean – Easy Tips on How to Clean a Kitchen Chimney at Home?

Wall-mounted chimney

The most common type of kitchen chimney is the wall-mounted chimney. Wall-mounted chimneys as the name implies are just installed fixed in walls and just right above your stove. Remember to make sure that the kitchen chimney is either the same or larger in terms of size than your stove or hob or it won’t work as efficiently.

Wall-mounted chimneys can give your kitchen a modern look and blend right in pretty well. When installed properly, they can be most effective in terms of eliminating smoke, grease, oil, or even odor among all of the types of kitchen chimneys.

See we have provided a list – The Best Kitchen Chimneys For Indians

Under-cabinet chimney

The under-cabinet chimney or the built-in chimney is what we are going to talk about next. These types of chimneys are made for smaller kitchens and would naturally have enough space. As the name implies, these kitchen chimneys are fixed and are usually installed under the woodworks of the kitchen thus the name under a cabinet.

Should you be installing a ducted chimney then you should be careful in choosing the position of your chimney so that the piping connected outdoors won’t be that long for its efficiency. 

Island chimney 

And if you think under cabinet kitchen chimneys look neat wait until you see island kitchen chimneys. These kitchen chimneys are specifically designed for kitchens with cooking islands. Some kitchens have cooking platforms that are away from the wall and in the center and that’s where island kitchen chimneys are then placed.

You need to remember that island kitchen chimneys are not thought of later on but should be integrated early on as you are designing your kitchen. Your ducts and your pipes together with your hob or stove should all be designed accordingly if you have this specific aesthetic in mind.

Downdraft chimney

Similarly, downdraft chimneys are specifically designed for downdraft cooktops. These types of Kitchen Chimney views are great. These are also complicated configurations for your kitchen but are well worth it. Again, these are designed for smaller kitchens and will have an unconventional ventilation process for your kitchen.

Some brands have created downdraft Kitchen Chimney, including Glen Downdraft Kitchen Chimney and Falmec Down Draft Design + Hood are great ones.

Corner chimney

The last type of kitchen chimney that we are going to discuss is the corner chimney. As the name implies these are kitchen chimneys placed at the corner. It should then be located right at the top of your stove cooktop right against the wall. 

Additionally, this is the least popular type of chimney for a kitchen, but it is also extremely space-saving and quite fashionable.

Which type of chimney is best for Indian kitchen?

There’s really no best type of chimney for your kitchen. All Types of Kitchen Chimney depend on certain factors like the aesthetics, functionality, and design of your overall kitchen. All kitchen chimneys basically doing kitchen smoke suck.

Each type of kitchen chimney has its own strengths and weaknesses function and design-wise. So if you’re redesigning or building your kitchen and want to freshen it up with a kitchen chimney then consider your finances, usage, and aesthetics beforehand.

The best type of chimney for Indian kitchen, Which has good suction power and is easy to clean ( Features: Auto-cleaning is good for chimney cleaning ). Wall mount-type chimneys are best for this because the stoves are staying closer to the walls of Indian kitchens. If not, use other types of chimneys.

Use any kind of chimney in the kitchen, which is better than an exhaust fan. Because of 20 exhaust fan is equivalent to a chimney. A chimney lovingly removes heat, smoke, food odors, and airborne grease from your kitchen.

What is different about installing different types of kitchen chimneys?

Different types of kitchen chimneys require proper height installation. Just buying a good band chimney is not matter important. You need to install it perfectly and at the correct height. Usually, the height of the kitchen chimney depends on which type of chimney you use. It also depends on the size of the kitchen, stove and chimney.

How to Kitchen Chimney Height Calculation?

Go for the best brands and install them properly so you’d get the most out of your kitchen chimney no matter the design.

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